Kida Nedakh from Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Cosplayer: Meevers Desu Cosplay [DA | FB]
Photographer: WeNeals [WW | TM | TW | FL]


super cute mom and dad at connecticon


Puella Magi Holy Quintet!
Madoka Magica

Madoka Kaname | Hhhhammy
Homura Akemi | Seerofsarcasm
Sayaka Miki | Pyropi
Mami Tomoe | Black Rose Cosplay
Kyoko Sakura | Gothichamlet

Photography | SuperV Cosplay


Kyoko Sakura photos!! I love my messy homeless princess uou <3

Kyoko: tumblr | Facebook | dA
Photo: tumblr | Facebook
Costume made by me.
Taken at Queen Elizabeth Park; spring 2014


Harvest Goddess - Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town

Ara Grey of Titanesque
Photos by Ken AD Photography

'Rapunzel Brunette' cosplay by usagi-tsukino-krv on deviantART


✧ ✧ ✧ Aoba Seragaki 

Defying god. #sailormoon #harumichi #haruka #michiru #fanime


Defying god. #sailormoon #harumichi #haruka #michiru #fanime


a lot of people take up hobbies to reduce stress and clear their minds

then there are cosplayers



From my first photoshoot at ANIMENEXT 2014, with the ever lovely Jane as a beautiful Olivia. Had so much fun with this photoshoot trying to avoid bugs, tripping leaves, poison ivy, and trying to make Olivia look like she’s flying through the woods.

Forever many thanks to Ricecake for helping behind-the-scenes in capturing this photoshoot!! (We have sooooo many funny outtakes from this shoot, hahaha~~) XD

【 Fire Emblem Awakening Photoset 】

Olivia: janiekat
Photography: Kurozone
Assistant: Ricecake000

At the last minute a month before Animenext I was like, you know what, I want to be super cute and fabulous - I’m making Olivia. AND HERE IT IS. I had such a great shoot with Sanna and I loved wearing this cosplay. A few things fell apart which I’m going to redo for AX and I wish I could’ve been wearing this so much longer because I enjoyed it. Thank you Sanna for making me look like a beautiful dancer~! :3


I shall be ever mindful of where I step! It will be just like an adventure!

Sonia Nevermind&Editing||Photographer